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working together  Naturopaths and conventional medical doctors belong together.  Having a collaborative approach to helping a  client to optimal health is the best way to improve health naturally with the support of conventional medicine.   Herbal medicine can be used to reduce pharmaceutical medication side-effects.  Sometimes diseases are caused by  nutritional deficiencies.  Diet may be increasing the progression of a health condition.  A naturopath has so many tools to guide clients towards brilliant health that work superbly well along side conventional medicine.  To help all health practitioners refer patients to Melville Naturopathy, we have a referral form, simply print out the form to  complete the details and ask your patient to bring it along with them to their appointment, which can be made through the online booking system with the Pilates Fitness Institute. useful apps  Get tech savvy with your health and check out these handy apps for your smart phone.
TED presentations – exciting ideas on all sorts of topics, including environmentalism & health Gluten Free Eating Directory great for finding gluten free restaurants & brands Chemical Maze database of the good, the bad & the ugly in food additives & cosmetic ingredients Lenny Carbohydrate counter and educational games for children with diabetes
acid + alkaline foods The pH of food and drinks in your diet impacts your health in a variety of ways.  The urine needs to begin as a more alkaline fluid in order to attract weak acids, formed from toxins through the filtration system of the kidneys  and subsequently out of the body.  Calcium will be drawn from stores in the bones to buffer an acidic environment  in the blood or elsewhere, leaving bones deprived of their structural compound.  With a deficiency of calcium the  skeletal bones become brittle, as in osteoporosis. To help create a more alkaline body, aim to eat a diet that  contains 80% alkalising foods, and 20% acidifying foods by volume.  To help you learn which foods to focus on,  download Melville Naturopathy’s Food Chart Wholefood by Jude Blereau    Weightloss for Food Lovers by Dr George Blair-West A Supplement A Day Keeps the Doctor Away by Dr Peter Dingle Eat Fat Be Thin by Andi Lew and Dr Natalie Kringoudis - Available at Pilates Fitness Institute click here to order  We believe knowledge is power.  Here is a list of books we highly recommend - watch this space, the list will grow  as our library expands: reading list Life is busy, so don’t waste time and money shopping for food on a daily basis.  By planning every meal for the week you can have more of a handle on havnig a variety of foods, rather than just ducking to the shops on the  way home from work and picking up something that might not be the most nutritious.  The fruit & vegetable  section should take up most of the room on your shopping list, especially if you are making at least half of every meal veggie based.   Use the notes section to keep reminders of what needs to be defrosted or which legumes need to be soaked in  preparation for each meal.   Make the night before shopping day ‘Use-up-the-leftovers’ night to clear out the fridge and reduce food waste.   meal planner
Our Quinoa Stirfry is just the ticket for using up everything in the crisper. 
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